Real Reviews from Real Customers

In this digital age, many of us rely heavily on the internet for our information.  We look online for entertainment, events, vacation planning,  decorating ideas, restaurants, business services — you name it, we “Google” it.  If we’re just getting decorating ideas, the source isn’t critical, but when it comes to online reviews, it’s really a different story.  How do you know that the information you’re receiving is coming from “real” customers.

I used to think that if a business was really good, it would show up in their online reviews, but in the past couple of years I learned that this isn’t necessarily the case.  I learned that even the best, most customer oriented business can end up with a disgruntled customer.  The best practice for handling disgruntled customers is to “wow them” and turn the situation around, but… sometimes, even that doesn’t work.  Sure, there are “reputation management” firms out there that promise to turn this situation around…but somehow, the idea of them posting a review posing as another person just doesn’t sit right with me.  And when I got a glimpse of the actual software you can use to set up multiple accounts and post ‘phony’ reviews, I realized just how far the scale had tipped in the wrong direction.

And so… to the rescue.

Businesses that participate in our customer satisfaction services (administered by Asage Marketing) provide review cards to all of their customers.  Each response is coded to ensure that the reviewer was actually a customer.  All responses are tabulated and any comments are posted on the site– the good, the bad and the in-between.

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Interpreting Review Information

How information is collected:
Each customer is offered the opportunity to review a business each time they visit or receive service. (If it’s an ongoing relationship then reviews will be conducted at intervals relevant to the service being offered.) Information can be provided online or via mail to the market research firm.

What’s reported:
All reviews received, as long as they can be validated as a customer, are counted & reported in the section at the top of that businesses review page — whether the customer provided a comment or not. Additionally, any individually rated categories are also noted here.

Any comments provided are noted and recorded online on a monthly basis along with the “overall” star rating the customer provided. If a customer did not provide their name on the review card, it’s not noted here, and they are referenced by their customer number or invoice number.
The Ratings
Customers are asked to rate their satisfaction on a scale from 1 to 5 stars with 5 stars being ‘very satisfied’ and 1 star being ‘not at all satisfied’.

A 5 star rating = overall rating = five stars
A 4-star rating = overall rating = four stars
A 3 star rating = overall rating = three stars
A 2-star rating = overall rating = two stars
A 1-star rating = overall rating = one star